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> Personal Shopping with El Matha

Are you ready to have the best shopping experience of your life? It's an ART and El Matha is the best at making it a pleasure and an experience you will greatly benefit from. $250. 3 hrs. (1 or 2 people)

> Closet Consultations

Is your closet filled to the brim? Don't know what to let go of? El Matha's skills will help you to get down to the best and release the rest.
$75. per (2 hr. Min.)

> Packing Seminar

Is it always a struggle to get everything into your suitcase? Worry no more! El Matha delivers the most effective packing suggestions on the planet. This is the perfect event for corporate groups and special topic parties. $250. 3 hrs. (8-12 attendees)

> In Store Events

Need some stimulating topics to excite a crowd of potential shoppers? Invite El Matha and draw in the needed attention. Example Topics:

  • What makes YOU, the brand?

  • Why color can be confusing and how to choose them?

  • Cleaver ways to accessorize your wardrobe with two simple items

  • Ten fashion suggestions that will change your perspective.

> Special or custom events contact / 713-208-0033