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Fashion, Fotography, Food – and a large measure of FUN!

In addition to my family, these are the passions that drive my life and around which my energies are centered. I can't think of a day when I haven't spent time in one of these areas – assisting clients and friends with fashion or styling questions; photographing a wedding or an event; teaching, sharing or styling recipes and meals for friends or groups. To me a great day is when I can say I've created something special or captured something fleeting and unique. I would love to see what I can do to create your special event or capture your special memory.

About El Matha: A proud native of Alabama, El Matha resides in Houston, Texas where she has used her special brand of southern hospitality to entertain friends and clients for over thirty years. As the former owner of Etui, a boutique clothing store and de facto gathering place, El Matha's flair and timeless selections have long been the backbone of the wardrobes of many of Houston's best-dressed women. When complimented on an elegant look, it's not uncommon to hear, "Thanks, it's Etui" or "I'm in vintage Etui today."

Today, El Matha's passions for fashion, food, photography and fun have drawn her into her newest phase of life filled with travel, yoga and assisting clients and friends all over the world with their parties, and special events or in chronicling adventures. From filming the raw beauty of the Everglades, Angkor Wat, or the Lightning field in New Mexico to staging a wedding in Houston or the south of France, El Matha is a delightful go-to partner to assure success.

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